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A Community To Ignite

Your Inner Strength.

Welcome to The Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio


Our Mission

To promote wellness in mind, body and spirit in a safe, warm, welcoming and fun environment where friendships happen and self-enlightenment grows.

Our Commitment

We will strive to make all your experiences at Bodhi Tree satisfying and pleasant.  We are more than just a yoga studio.  We will continue to expand and offer many learning experiences,  diverse classes on all levels and interesting events for your enjoyment.  You may enjoy spa and relaxation treatments or maybe learn how to meditate.  We will continue to evolve our classes as the need increases and we encourage all your suggestions.  After all, we are learning and evolving just like you, every day of our lives.

Our Community

Our community is committed to making you stronger, to enjoy a more peace centered life, to be clear in purpose and to help you strive for balance in your life.

The Bodhi Tree is a symbol of peace, inspiration and the ultimate potential that lies within all of us.  Come join our community as we travel down our paths of life together

Our Teachers, Providers, and Staff


Our Gifted Teachers

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Our Spa & Alternative

Wellness Providers

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Our Customer Relations Team

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