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Workshops and Events

Events and workshops are among our favorite things at Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness. If you've been wondering what Reiki is, or want to take a class to further your learning on Chakras, or just want to explore other ways toward wellness, then our workshops are for you! Check back often to see what new offering we have for you! To Sign up for events, you must sign up for a free account and use the student portal here, or call the studio at 616-392-7580, or sign up in person.

Yoga room rental is also available – please call for pricing.

Ongoing and Upcoming Events
Yoga at Home


Window on the Waterfront
Recreation Fields 
Columbia Ave, Holland

Tuesdays @ 10:30am 

(weather permitting)

  June 6 - August 29, 2023

$10.00 per person
(cash or check only)

Come practice Qigong/Tai Chi Easy® with us at beautiful Window on the Waterfront. No experience necessary! Practice some simple, age-old exercises done in short synergistic sequences. Explore how small definitive movements, synchronized with breathing, restore the flow of Chi (energy) throughout our bodies while unblocking areas of stress and dis-ease. Experience meditative movements that enhance range of motion, balance, stability, strength, flexibility and posture. Once learned, these compartmentalized exercise snippets become yours! Yours to add to your wellness regime to take wherever you go and do whatever you please! All Levels are welcome and encouraged.  Please bring a lawn chair.  This wonderful practice can be done sitting or standing or even lying down! 

Check our Facebook page for weather cancellations

Future Events

Yoga Basics 1 For Beginners Series


6 weeks 

If you are brand new to yoga or want to reconnect with the basics, the Yoga Basics I for Beginners Series is the perfect class for you. Come and enjoy a supportive and compassionate environment where everyone is a beginner. Your questions are encouraged and serve to help others in the class gain a deeper understanding. So please don’t be afraid to ask!



The goal of the 4 week CORE SERIES: Intro is to bring strength and awareness to the WHOLE ENTIRE CORE not just the superficial “six pack”. We'll introduce ourselves to the many parts of the core with a visual diagram of the entire torso in an email that will also give a brief description of the different parts and their functions.  We'll spend 45 minutes each week finding and feeling those different parts physically.


Yamas & Niyamas




The Yamas and the Niyamas are a set 10 principals. There are 5 Yamas which could be discribed as ethical guide lines on how we relate to other people and 5 Niyamas which might be considered virtuous practices on how we take care of ourselves. 
I'm by no means an expert. I've explored each Yama and Niyama in detail but believe their deepest interpretations are extremely personal. 

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