Zoom Courses and Scheduling

We want to thank each and every one of you that have shown us unwavering support during these difficult times! We wouldn't be here without you and we can't express enough how thankful and grateful we are for you!

Here's a recap of how online classes work If you haven't done so already. You will need to create a free account through our online store to pay and book classes. To attend classes you will have to book the class no later than a half hour before class starts.


Once booked, you'll receive a confirmation email. Class will be opened 10-15 minutes prior to start time, at that time you'll receive another email with the link and password to join. You'll be put in a "waiting room" till the host can let you in. Please make sure to be 5-10 minutes early so you don't miss out! Class will start promptly at the scheduled time and late participants will not be allowed to join.

10:30am Yogi's Choice

5:30pm Vinyasa Flow 
7:00pm Restorative Yoga

8:30am Rise & Shine Vinyasa Flow
10:00am Qigong/Tai Chi Easy 
7:00pm Yogi's Choice

9:00am Yogi's Choice 
6:30pm Yogi's Choice

8:30am Flow & Low
5:30pm Flow & Low
7:15pm Restorative Yoga


10:30am Gentle Yoga
4:00pm Yogi's Choice


9:00am Yogi's Choice

6:00pm Yoga as Therapy

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