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Our Customer Relations Team

Abbie Hewett

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Abbie Page is a Holland native, who graduated from North Park University in Chicago, with a B.S. in Nonprofit Management and Administration. Abbie was a dancer for 15 years, and has found a new love for movement through yoga. She has worked at Bodhi Tree for the past 2 years, and loves seeing the new and familiar faces coming in and out of the studio. Abbie has seen the healing benefits of practicing yoga in her life, and strives to share her experience with others!

Ellen Barthel-Morgan

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Ellen Barthel-Morgan originally is from eastern Michigan. While pursuing a career in Cosmetology she was introduced to the field of nutrition. Ellen relocated to the east coast of the US where eventually she received a degree in the Applied Science of Dietetics. Before relocating back to Michigan Ellen developed a relationship with yoga. It is her sincere desire for everyone who enters the studio to feel as embraced by the yoga community as she has been.

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