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Our Classes

Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio has closed it's door after almost 9 years of being open (December 2nd, 2022 would have been our anniversary).  October 31st, 2022 was our last day for classes.  

Why have we waited so long to make the official announcement?  Well, many reasons, but mostly it was too painful to admit/accept that it was really true that we could no longer offer a place for people to gather together and practice.  We are so proud of the awesome community that was built here over the years and we hope in some way it will continue on.

We being a very small business were not able to overcome the obstacles we faced during the pandemic and stayed open as long as we could.  It was a heartbreaking decision but we felt we had no other choice. 

We don't know what life will hold for Loraine & I and Bodhi Tree Yoga, but if you would like to stay informed, sign up for our newsletter (bottom of the front webpage).  That will be our only platform as Karmasoft will be going away. 

If you are interested in Online Restorative Yoga, please email and Online Tai Chi/Qigong, email  We will be putting together some classes after the New Year thru Zoom.

We are grateful for our entire Bodhi Tree community and will (do) miss that everyday.


Loraine & Melanie

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